Saturday, June 15, 2013

6 months' worth of life, plus a kitty paw.

Before I write another race recap (because that seems to be the most substantial thing I have to post about lately), I thought I would write some other things that have been going on in the 674378634 months since I last properly/regularly posted.

I spent Christmas and New Years in this absolutely pimpin' house. Housesitting sometimes does not suck. My dad was sick in hospital in Sydney over Christmas (boooo), so I flew there for the day, crying my eyes out on the plane there and back, because I'm a massive sook, and came back that night for the best recovery/therapy: homemade pizzas, and blasting great music and drinking scotch in the spa until the wee small hours with my two best boys. I mean 'boiiizzz'. I feel like that might be my new Christmas night tradition. Hopefully without the ill parent/being the crazy crying chick on the plane bit next time.
While there, we also had a fabulous NYE party (with permission, I should add. And nothing got broken!), after which I found out that my approach to choosing a sleeping position seems to be 'face-plant into the nearest soft object'.

I began to enjoy running again. As evidenced by the aforementioned race recaps. After injury after injury after injury and a massive amount of fitness lost, I finally managed to begin running regularly again. Not long distances or impressive times, but regularly. And man oh man, it was hard. It is hard. I don't remember much about how I started running (in 2006-07), but I know I wasn't good right away. Duh. I remember the early days of just trying to run for longer bursts between walking, and then [Y^%#GDIUSG-MEMORY BLANK-^%@$63*] and then I ran a marathon. Soooo being back in that mystery in-between time has been a surprise. Not necessarily a good one. BUT YOU KNOW WHAT? I am learning the very neglected [by me] art of enjoying things you're not good at. Because sometimes it's the 'getting better' part that is fun. And sometimes it is the sunshine, the exploration, the music, the getting-lost-then-finding-your-way-home, the gallons of sweat, the glass of water afterwards, the hilarious tan-lines, the racing cars and dogs and bikes and people.. Huh. Who knew.
(if anyone uses MapMyRun, feel free to add me. I log most of my runs - outside, at least - there)

I have been cooking a buttload. Mostly of the baked good variety. Lots of bread and cakes and pies and quiches and crumpets and pancakes. Seeing as I live with fellow who is gluten intolerant (and I quite like him and want him to be well-fed), these have all been gluten free, which has been slightly challenging. But I'm willing to go out on a limb and say that I am now The Greatest Gluten Free Baker Of All Time. I am seriously contemplating starting a separate GF baking blog. Except my readership might dwindle when I repeatedly refer to my readers' medical conditions as 'being wheatarded'.

[insert beautifully photographed baked goods here. I cannot take pictures of food to save my life. They always come out looking vaguely rude. I don't know why.]

I went to Melbourne with said wheatard-boy to see Paul Simon in concert. It was kickass. I cried in about 3/4 of the songs and longed to meet him backstage so I could tell him that my name is basically Betty and I would not mind one bit if he called me it. But that didn't happen. But other highlights include: staying at the Windsor and feeling like I was in a murder mystery, eating at a lot of really good restaurants, and befriending the utterly charming doorman.

I got a new job. I quit the new job. I went back to the old job. If I didn't fear it'd come back to bite me in a major and unfortunate way, I would share the details of this - including some priceless, majestically stupid quotes. But inevitably it WILL come back to bite me. So I won't.
...until I make a habit of drunk-blogging.
..... or it all appears in the TV show I'm attempting to write about the ridiculousness that is life working in an office. No, it's not The Office. 

I've been planning a trip to the U.S later this year with Angus. And possibly meeting a couple of our friends from other parts of the world while over there, which would be mental and out of control and awesome. At the moment NYC is the only definite, but if I get my way, there will be a detour to New Orleans, San Francisco, and Disney World. Finances permitting (which, at the moment, they don't). I am off the charts excited, but hating the 'saving money' thing that has to occur first.

I've been sick with tonsillitis and now some kind of flu/virus thing. Which has been massively bumming me out because it a) stops me from enjoying running, which I am doing again, in case you missed that point above. And b) inhibits my sparkling and dazzling social life. Or what I imagine would be a sparkling and dazzling social life if I wanted it to be. And c) is generally just BALLSSSSSS. But on the upside, I become so bored stuck at home that I do useful things like cleaning, and cooking, and gardening... ie. I do all the things other people do day in, day out, without complaint. And then feel like I'm somehow special. And then I complain when I don't recover from my sickness instantly, despite ignoring everyone's advice to STAY IN BED AND STOP STANDING OUT ON YOUR FREEZING BALCONY IN THE WIND, POTTING DAFFODILS, YOU IDIOT. Ohhhh. See? I'm several types of annoying.

And that is about all. Here is a picture of a sleeping kitty's little sleepy white-socked foot. Just because. Happy Saturday!


  1. IN THE NAME OF ALL THAT IS HOLY IF YOU DON'T TAKE THE ONE HOUR FLIGHT TO TORONTO SO HELP ME I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN IN FUTURE AND MAKE YOU RUE THE DAY YOU SCORNED ME in other words please please please please please please please please please please visit me xoxoxoxoxo

    1. You know I will try my darndest!! Money is gonna be tiiiiight, so not sure we'll be able to go anywhere much (likely the group of us with rent an apartment in NYC for the whole time), but I will try my guts out xxxxx

  2. yay for upcoming US travels - I will be living vicariously through you as I am feeling the travel bug tremendously right now (but have 0% interest in a long haul flight with a wriggly 15 month old!)

    ps - love that Windsor pic - and the expression of the door man's face!

    1. Yeah, wait til she's a little older - then you know she'll have memories of it too!! My mum took me to England and New York when I was 2.. I remember quite a lot of it. Though mostly just the horror of her keeping me on a leash >:o

  3. I would love to see some of your GF recipes....I am a reluctant coeliac and am always on the quest to find edible baked goods.

    1. "The Reluctant Coeliac".... sounds like you've got a great blog title of your own in the making! ;) But yes, I'll definitely work to actually get some of my recipes written down and posted :)