Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A post so you don't forget I exist.

This post is the blog equivalent of:
"Mum mum mum mum mummmm muuuum mumumumum mum MUM MUM MUM MUMMMM!"
".... nothing."

I have absolutely nothing to say, but I'd like to make a bit of noise so you remember I'm here.

Do you like pictures? I do. I like words, too, but I have a really short attention span so sometimes visual is all I can deal with. HOPE YOU'RE AS DEVELOPMENTALLY CHALLENGED AS ME ....cos pictures is all you're getting, suckerrrrsssss.

I went to Melbourne for a work trip recently. I love Melbourne. I love that even when it's cold and dark and rainy, it's still buzzing with LIFE! And fairy lights. Mostly I just love that there are fairy lights eeeeverywhere. I also love that even when it's cold and dark and rainy, you might wake up to the most glorious sunny day and feel like an absolute player for choosing a hotel right on the water.

BUT work trips are bittersweet and lonely, because there's no one to share the fun with. Which is why I ended up doing things like eating mutliple tubs of Ben & Jerry's all by myself in my hotel room (it's not available where I live AKA hello the greatest tragedy of my life). I also ate a lot of other delicious foods, most of which I didn't photograph cos they were a) ugly and b) in my face before a camera could get anywhere near them. I went to Lord of the Fries 3 times in 4 days. Not because it's THAT spectacular or I'm vegetarian or vegan... just because I feel the need to support anywhere that includes a pun in its name.
ALSO I have a loyalty card that I get stamped at Walker's Doughnuts every time I'm in Melbourne. Which is roughly twice a year. Meaning that in 10 years, I get a free coffee and a doughnut! YES!

Other stuff I did while in Melbourne: saw the bike of my dreams (it delivers bacon and egg rolls! and coffee!); rocked out in the hotel gym to Billy Joel with this fat, old man in a sweatband, who didn't have headphones for his iPhone so just blasted some sick tunes for all the rest of us; got cute photo messages from Boyus McGee (did I tell you we're now living together? we're now living together! it's adorable!); and soooo muchhhhhhhhh and ended up with soooooo manyyyyyy blistersssssssssss (plz excuse my ugly ass feet. callouses are god's way of telling us we're tough and capable human beings); made my nephews pose with happy birthday signs for my dad (which they then tore up...champs); and later took photos of them sleeping (and maybe satanic hand gestures) to display at their 21st birthday parties (fave aunt, right here).

Did you notice my bandass band-aids? They've been getting put to good use around these parts, because I'm a spaz and fall over a lot while running, and because my dad figured 'shark bite' is a way cool explanation than 'heart surgery'.

Speaking of running, I am doing more of it again (okay, not more frequently... only 1-3 times a week, but incorporating some longer 10k+ run). I doubt I'll ever run marathons again but I'd like to do a few more halfs + some 10ks etcccccc. Plus I finally caved and bought new shoes, which are already different colours because I like to splash in mud. Awesooooome. FYI my fave bit of running is lying on the floor afterwards, with the door to my balcony open, and feet outside to keep cool (the day after this GORGEOUS day in the photo, it snowed. Yeah. Wtf Canberra you are a joke).

ALSO it is my birthday on Sunday and I'm having a party for the first time in like.... 14 years. Not kidding. I'm over-the-moon excited and am loving planning the food, drinks, music, CAKEEE, and LOLLY BUFFETTTTTTTT. Writing a monster 7 page shopping list was an awesome way to spend a paid workday! KIDDING! (mostly.. it's really only 5 pages long lolz). I also spent wwwaaaay too much money at The Essential Ingredient (aka my fave place on the planet) buying a few birthday presents for myself.

Finally, here is the best picture ever of my cat. It's my phone's wallpaper and I look at it 8347863 times a day. THAT'S MA BOY!! Sittin' on a chair like a PRO!



  1. we need to go running together again. Well that's if you don't mind running with this slow gal ;)

  2. As a fellow Canberra I feel your pain reg Ben and Jerry's. The video stall at Batehaven shops has a massive freezer full of it, I often drive there just to stock up, Is a 4 hour return trip for one tub if ice cream worth it ? - Yes.